Which Is Better Colt Or Kimber

May 10, 2012.

The Colts were made with greater tolerances and rattled like a bucket of bolts when shaken. The triggers were heavy, and at best the accuracy.

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Jan 13, 2017.

The Kimbers are very, very tight guns. My Target II is very reliable so long as you run it "wet" with the slides well-lubricated. Colts are very.

The Kimber has been 100 % reliable and extremely accurate with better sights than the Colt . Colt's also been reliable , but the Kimber past 15 yds shoots tighter groups . Kimber is a bull barrel , Colt bushing . This Kimber trigger also feels better . Colt will hold it's value a little better .

I would take the Kimber over the Colt any day but I would like at least an adjustable sight so the Colt it is this time. Looking at the models the Kimber has a fixed sight and the colt is height adjustable. Height adjustable allows you to adjust for shooting different 9mm weight in competition, 147 grain is pretty common and the fixed sights.

Jun 26, 2015.

Price is the big one. Internally, they're pretty much the same. The Kimber is prettier, but nothing that can't/hasn't been done with Colts.

Aug 28, 2010.

I prefere Kimber over Colt. Kimber gets their bad rep from MIM, perfectly defective mags, bad springs, and a rough finish on the outside of the.

Comparing three different iconic $1000 1911s for things like ergonomics, snappiness of recoil and overall handiness.

The Colt is a 4.25" with bushing, the Kimber is 4" bushingless. I shoot both the same, I cant really tell a difference in shooting them. Both are more accurate than I will ever need, both are dead nuts reliable, and they both are nice looking in their own way. So, which is a better 1911 and why?

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Hey Guys, Gotta question, I am going to get either a Colt Gold Cup"Ttrophy" or a Kimber with laser grips. Does anyone on here own either one? I have talked with my buddies in the neighborhood anf the guys at the gun shop and it is literally a 50/50 split. So now I turn to my friends here yet.

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Colt offers a limited lifetime warranty, Kimber offers a limited 1 year warranty. Kimber mandates a 500rd break in period, and some guns may or may not need it. Colt has a better reputation in guns running right out of the box, except where 3" guns are concerned those can be a toss up if they are going to work right or not.

The trigger wasn't as nice as the Kimber at first, but has broken in nicely, and I get better with it every time I shoot it. And as far as Colt goes, I have every intention of getting my hands on an antique M1911A1 if I can find one I can afford, and I am toying with the idea of a Delta Elite, eventually.

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But if you're looking at spending $1200, that puts you in range for a Dan Wesson and in my opinion, they blow Kimber, Sig, and Colt out of the water in terms of overall build quality. You can get a nice used DW Guardian in either 9mm or .45 for $1200. That's a commander model with an alloy frame to reduce weight.

Answer (1 of 9): Colt 1911s are made using mostly forged components and parts milled from bar stock. I personally trust those more than I trust the MiM and plastic parts of manufacturers like Kimber and Taurus. I have owned many 1911 pistols and now only own one. A blued Colt Government Model S.

The Kimber's hammer was quicker and easier to access, though I suppose it might hang up on things easier as well. The double-action trigger pull was a tad heavier at 10.5 pounds before the break, but I actually liked the feel of the Kimber's DA pull better.