Springfield Xdm Backstrap Sizes

Used Springfield Armory XDm-9mm, 4.5" Grip Back Strap Pin. Blue finish. Pin dimensions: .125" dia. X .865" long. Roll Pin.

The Springfield Armory XD started out life in Croatia in the early 1990's as the HS 2000. The XDm also comes with two extra backstrap inserts to customize the size of the grip to fit the shooter. The shorter grip will be considerably easier to conceal than the full size grip.

Springfield Armory is known for its extensive line of 1911s but it has gained a lot of traction from its XD line of striker-fired pistols. This is our guide to the Springfield I just recently took possession of a new XD(M) with a 3.8 inch barrel in .45 ACP. (For simplicity’s sake I’ll just call it from now on XDM).

This grip is specially designed to be easily trimmed to accommodate either backstrap size. There are cutouts on the grip around the XD-S logo which also.

Shortly after that, Springfield announced the XDm in 10mm available in two different versions. Its frame is black polymer with three interchangeable backstraps. Mine came with the small backstrap The XDm fit nicely. Springfield used to include one of these holsters and a double mag pouch with.

The XDM 10mm fits all the requirements, and then some. The XDM 10 is identical in grip size to I'm going to blame Springfield Armory's marketing department, for clearly dropping the ball on this from an XDM, like excellent steel sights, adjustable fitted backstraps, and an out of the box great trigger.

Replace the backstrap on your Springfield XD(M) pistol for a more customized fit. These black polymer interchangeable backstraps are a direct replacement for the backstraps that come with new pistols and feature a deep dexture for an easy grip. Backstraps are available in #1 size (narrow), #2.

Aug 7, 2015.

The Springfield Armory XD-S is a pistol that I waited for with great.

extension cover comes in two sizes, to work with either backstrap.

Springfield's XDM variant of the polymer-frame striker-fired XD semiautomatic pistol has been around for a full decade. That's right. The 10mm XDM pistols come with multiple interchangeable backstraps that allow them to be adapted for different hand sizes and trigger finger lengths.

Springfield Armory, famous for high-end 1911-style pistols, introduced a new.

sets of backstraps for the grip, tailoring the grip to any size hand and.

Just test fired the XDM .40 Friday and here's my thoughts. Remember this is my gun and yours may not have the exact same thoughts. I plan get back into shooting after 8 year layoff to use for USPSA production class.

General Springfield XD/XD(M) Talk. I went back and forth between the middle and the large size backstraps on my XDm compact 40. They both felt good in my hand and I couldn't tell that there was much, if any, difference in shooting.

Aug 21, 2020.

Springfield Armory has an entire family tree of XD pistols.

The full-size grips feature interchangeable backstraps.

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Springfield Armory XDS XD-S Mod.2 9mm Mid-Size OEM Magazine Sleeve – XDSG5901.

This Springfield Armory backstrap is compatible with the XDM Compact model magazines. Springfield XDM Compact Backstrap. Pictures may not exactly represent this item.

Glock vs springfield XD. How to Clean a Springfield XDm 9mm semiautomatic pistol. Disassemble, clean, lube and reassemble.

40 Small Backstrap, Granulate. In Stock. 1, $19.99, $17.99. TALO 205R. Springfield Armory XD(M) Full Size 9mm./.40 Small Backstrap, Rubber. In Stock.

$19.50 .375" Basepad Dimpled Springs for Springfield XDM 9/40.

$12.50. Modified #2 Backstrap for Springer Precision Magwell for Springfield XDM.

Capacities in the below tables reflect magazine capacity "plus one", for a round in the chamber. XD[edit]. Model, Cartridge, Barrel length, Overall length.

The WE XDM is very close to the real HS/Springfield XDM. The XDM are a series of semi-automatic, polymer-framed, striker-fired pistols. The WE XDM GBB pistol has metal slide, and it come with three different size backstraps.

The latest Springfield Armory content straight to your inbox plus an automatic entry to each one of our monthly gun giveaways! INTERCHANGEABLE BACKSTRAPS. The XD-M® pistol's Mega-lock texturing ensures a solid grip on the pistol, allowing you to wring Springfield XD-M Line of Pistols.

Jun 23, 2020.

The Springfield Armory XD(M) Competition Series of handguns has been getting.

a loading tool, three exchangeable backstraps, a gun lock,

Springfield makes many firearms that are great for concealed carry. Here, we focus on the two that most concealed carriers end up weighing together: the XD(M) and XD-S. Two of Springfield's most popular compact firearms.

How do they stack up against each other?

Home Concealed Carry Gun Review: Springfield Armory XD(m) 9mm 3.8″ Compact. Ergonomics (Handling).

* With the change of a backstrap, the XD(m) can be adjusted to fit any sized mitts. I carried a full sized XDm40 for six years and finally sold it, mainly due to its heft. With a full mag it.