Springfield Armory Saint Edge Ar Pistol Review

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May 31, 2020.

At the end of my testing, I am thoroughly impressed with the Springfield Armory SAINT Edge pistol. Out of the hundreds of rounds that I fired, I.

There's also the Saint Edge, Saint Free-Float and Saint Victor models, each available as carbine, short barreled rifle (SBR) or pistol—and the Victor Back to the start: Springfield Armory chose a good build sheet for the Saint. There's nothing this gun needs. There are things some shooters will want.

SAINT Edge EVAC Pistol Review Springfield Armory.

We got the chance to shoot the Saint Edge EVAC and it was a treat. This gun is really unique.

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"The SAINT™ Edge Pistol combines the most popular features of the most premium SAINT™ in the lineup with the compact shootability of a pistol.

It retains all the things we loved about the SAINT Edge rifle. The receiver has the same distinctive lightening cuts and mag well profile. As a bonus, it has.

Adam reviews his first AR Pistol, the Springfield Saint Edge and gets in a little range time. He goes over the specs of this gun and some of.

If you want the best in compact AR pistol options, then the SAINT Edge pistols in 5.56mm should be at the top of your list. These self-defense legends give.

SAINT® Edge AR-15 Pistol Variations. Purpose. CQB / Home Defense. Springfield Armory® Provides the following general warning: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead which is known to California consumers to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Springfield Armory's SAINT Edge Pistol may be the best AR pistol on the market. Last year, I built up my ultimate AR pistol in 5.56 NATO. Except for a slight difference in barrel length, the new SAINT Edge Pistol from Springfield Armory is virtually identical to the gun I built for myself.

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Springfield Armory arrived at SHOT Show in Las Vegas with a bevy of new products but one, in particular, caught Featuring a 5.5-inch barrel surrounded by a free-float handguard, the Edge PDW is outfitted with a Maxim Defense SEW Brace Also new to Springfield is the XD-M Elite series pistols.

According to the Springfield Armory web site, the Edge AR pistol combines the most popular features of their premium Saint Edge AR rifle, with compact One change from the standard Saint AR pistol we tested a few weeks ago, is that the Edge has a lightweight billet-machined lower receiver instead.

springfield armory saint AR-15 pistol 5.56 nato. The popularity of AR-15 pistols has risen quite dramatically over the past 4-5 years with people employing arm braces in various fashions (we won't tell you how to use them.

) creating for fun recreation and even utility in self-defense.

The Springfield Armory SAINT is a series of AR-15 style semi-automatic firearms manufactured by Springfield Armory, Inc. Introduced in November 2016, the series includes rifles, short-barreled rifles (SBRs), and pistols.

Apr 17, 2019.

This pistol is as close to perfect as any company is likely to come. The only thing I don't like about it is the long lever on the right side of.

Springfield Armory is introducing their own compact version of the AR, the SAINT Edge pistol. This new AR, my friends, is a hotrod among performance Sometimes smaller is better, and the venerable AR-15 platform is no exception to the rule. Springfield Armory is introducing their compact version.

Watch Springfield Armory introduce the Saint Edge pistol, the pistol combines the most popular features of the premium Edge rifle with the compact shootability of a pistol platform. AR-15 Rifle Guides. Shooting Tips. Springfield Armory Introduces the New XD-S Mod.2 Pistol in 9mm.