Springfield Armory Hellcat Pistol Review

on Springfield Hellcat Pro Review: Bigger and Better. Without a doubt, the original Springfield Armory Hellcat is an amazing handgun – one of several in the micro-compact CCW pistol niche. In today's Springfield Hellcat Pro review, we take a close look at its larger brother. Does adding 0.7″ in length and 4 more rounds in the standard.

When Springfield said they were introducing this pistol, I thought, "well just another Hellcat." But this really does change the market and there's no reason why we can't thin down those 9mm full-sized pistols and still have 15 plus one in the magazine. Now full disclosure, Springfield Armory sent the Hellcat Pro for this review.

The Springfield Armory Hellcat, much like the Hellion, is an imported firearm made by a Croatian manufacturer. Springfield has been releasing firearms that they import from HS Produkt in Croatia since about 2003. At first, they were bringing in the "XD" series of pistols which were a good value for a decent pistol.

Sep 25, 2019.

The Hellcat's frame texture is soft on the surface and aggressive beneath that. The harder you squeeze, the more it sticks in the hand. It's the.

In this video, we take a thorough look at the Springfield Armory Hellcat 9mm pistol. We start with a walk through and synopsis on what the.

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The Springfield Armory Hellcat. Like Springfield's XD line, the Hellcat is a polymer-framed, striker fired handgun manufactured by HS Produkt of Croatia. Yet unlike the compact versions of the XD.

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The Hellcat RDP has the same capacity as the original at 11+1 (flush-fit magazine) or 13+1 (extended mag), but has a longer overall length (7 inches as compared to 6 inches) because of the 3.8.

Conclusion. We've come to the end of our review of the Springfield Armory Hellcat 9mm. And it's a pleasant surprise to come across a pistol that truly looks, feels, and performs just like any other highly respected micro pistol. But then has probably the highest capacity for a gun of its size on the market 2022.

Dec 29, 2020.

Overall, the ergonomics of the Springfield Armory Hellcat are quite incredible. The gun feels a lot bigger than it is which is a plus for people.

Free Gun Giveaway Ending Soon ▷ https://bit.ly/2PJBdnzIn this video review of the Springfield Armory Hellcat 9mm concealed carry pistol,

Shootability. The gun is a bit snappy (so are all micro pistols) and the trigger isn't great. It's better than many other guns.

It's a fairly priced pistol outfitted with the features I want for a concealed carry pistol. What I do enjoy is the fact the gun comes with an extended magazine.

New Springfield Armory Hellcat Pro Gun Review.

The New Springfield Hellcat Pro is a 15 +1 Mag capacity and about the same size as a Glock 19,

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Introduced in late 2019, the Springfield Armory Hellcat is a 9mm pistol that offers a broad range of features – including the ability to stuff 11 rounds into the magazine while maintaining a grip width that is only 1" across. That would certainly seem to check many of the boxes for a concealable self-defense tool.

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In 2019, Springfield Armory came to market with its Hellcat pistol chambered for 9 mm Luger and built by HS Produkt of Croatia. This 18.3-oz. micro-compact pistol measures just 4" tall with a.

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Here's why. Among high-capacity semiautomatic pistols in 9mm Luger (a.k.a. 9x19mm Parabellum), the new micro-compact Hellcat from Springfield Armory is uncommonly lightweight and small. Weighing a mere 18.3 ounces, it departs the factory with two stainless-steel magazines that hold 11 and 13 rounds respectively.

The RMSc red dot co-witnesses nicely with the Hellcat's standard U-Dot night sights (more on those later). The new Hellcat 9mm handgun comes with two magazines; an 11-round flush-fit magazine and an extended mag that packs a lucky 13 rounds. With the 11-round flush magazine, the Hellcat is a two-finger pistol.

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