Review Springfield Xdm Elite

The Springfield XDM Elite Compact 10mm is the latest addition to the SA 10mm Line and we take a look at the Hex Wasp Red Dot Sight.

This Springfield XD-M Elite three.Eight" Compact is a full featured convey gun that neatly tames the snappy feel of widespread and +P 9mm ammunition.

Springfield Armory XD-M Elite 3.8-inch Compact OSP 10mm w/Hex Dragonfly Review. This new compact 10mm is a pistol that can hold its own as an every-day carry gun, backcountry defense, or a crossover for both.

Springfield Armory XD-M Elite 3.8" Compact OSP w/Hex Dragonfly Specs. Caliber: 10mm auto; Magazine capacity: 11+1 (flush), 15+1.

Bear Gun Shootout: 10mm vs .44 Mag. – Published data gives speeds of 1,275 fps and a muzzle energy of 650 foot-pounds. As the chart indicates, the average speeds for the Glock (3.0 seconds), Springfield Armory (3.19 seconds), and the S&W.

This includes a standard model with a 4.5″ barrel, a competition model with a 5.25″ barrel, a compact option with 3.8″ barrel and full-size frame along with a tactical model that comes with a threaded barrel and OSP optic-ready system. On the range with the standard XD-M Elite with 4.5″ barrel. These four newer iterations of the XD-M.

The Elite Precision has a frame rail, and it will accept most gun-mounted lights—making it a great choice as a bedside table gun when things go bump in the night. This is the biggest pistol in a family of big guns. With its full-size frame, even the XD-M Elite 3.8 isn't small or easy to conceal.

The 5.25″ XD-M Elite is a massive, brawny and succesful 9mm pistol ready for opposition — or self-defense. The recoil of this pistol is nearly non-existent, and it capabilities a one-piece balk device with a full-period guide rod. The pistol is extremely accurate, and it fits comfortability in my fingers. The flared magwell additionally makes for brief and.

American Rifleman Videos – Based on the Croatian VHS-2, the Springfield Armory Hellion.

Television segment of "Rifleman Review" from 2020 to learn more about the EAA MC1911 Match Elite pistol chambered in.

Overall, I am impressed by this Springfield XDm Elite 9mm, the built quality feels fantastic, it handles the recoil from 9mm without any issues,

The XD-M Elite line comes in four configurations with 3.8-inch up to the 5.25-inch barrel options with a variety of features that distinguish each one. For this review, I looked at the 3.8-inch.

The XD-M Elite four.5″ (2d from the left) is the suitable length for an regular bring handgun with its larger slide and first rate magazine potential. The XD-M Elite 4.5″ Tactical OSP. The Tac OSP (as I will seek advice from it any further) is the main consciousness of my overview.

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The military and police locate that crucial. However, META is a brand new one to me. It doesn't confer with the new call for the Facebook employer or The Metaverse. Rather, it stands for Match Enhanced Trigger Assembly, and it refers to the cause on the Springfield Armory XDm Elite 9mm pistol. The acronym from Springfield pretty plenty explains all of it.

Apr 23, 2021.

At the taking pictures range, the 3.Eight XD-M Elite proved to be extra comfortable to paintings with than one may expect of a compact 9 mm pistol. The sights.

New For 2022: Springfield Armory Emissary 4.25" – Springfield Armory rolled out a compact, carry-ready variant of its upgraded Emissary 1911 lineup in 2022.

Watch this American Rifleman Television segment of "Rifleman Review" from 2020 to learn more about the Springfield Armory XD-M Elite 4.5" in.

An MSRP of $710 for a gun that comes appointed similar to the FN 509 Tactical (MSRP $1049). Before the amazing panic buying of 2020 I noticed street charges for the XD-M Elite four.5″ Tactical OSP as low as $615. At that rate and competing with the 509T, that's punching manner above its weight.

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LENGTH: 6.Seventy five″. HEIGHT: 4.58″. The preliminary MSRP for the Springfield Armory XD-M Elite Compact OSP 10mm with a Hex Dragonfly is benchmarked at $818. As constantly, within the rare occasion that you have to ever want provider for your firearm Springfield Armory has a Lifetime Warranty that stands at the back of all in their firearms.

The XD-M Elite OSP does come with all of the mounting hardware and equipment essential to feature all the enterprise's maximum famous purple dots even though. The MSRP for the Springfield Armory XD-M Elite OSP four.Five″ Threaded 9mm is benchmarked at $709. An prolonged explanation of the pistol can be study underneath in Springfield Armory's Press Release statement:

The opposition version makes use of the identical front sight submit, but with a fully adjustable rear sight. A view of the sight picture on the usual XD-M Elite four.5" even as at the range. On the tactical.

XD-M® Elite 3.8″ (XDME9389BHC) – MSRP $559. The XD-M Elite Precision, being built on a 5.25″ hammer-forged barrel, is their dedicated league, competition, precision, shoot-better-than-all-your-friends handgun. The original XD-M with a 5.25″ barrel was deemed the Competition model and the Elite Precision only looks to improve upon that.

Mar 16, 2022.

On the slide, the XD-M Elite has serrations machined in at both the front and rear, with the serrations being noticeably wider than on previous.

Jul 30, 2020.

After spending the day at the range with them, I can say the Springfield XD-M Elite is a terrific striker-fired pistol. Reliable, fun to shoot,

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American Rifleman Television – Watch this American Rifleman Television segment of "Rifleman Review" from 2020 to learn more about the Springfield Armory XD-M Elite 4.5" in 9 mm Luger.

The new XD-M Elite is available in four configurations: five.25" Precision for opposition shooters, four.Five" OSP Threaded Barrel tactical model, and 3.Eight" and four.5" base fashions. Now, when I say base model, don't mistake that for boring. Even the bottom-priced fashions have a ton of functions. Springfield sent me both the short and lengthy barrel base.