How Long Is Ruger Warranty

Have a query or 2 regarding Ruger's assurance on their firearms. Is it a lifetime assurance or for a specific variety of years. Does the warranty observe the.

Ruger guarantee test manner. Thread starter godofthunder. This is what we got back from Ruger. This is shooting it the day before today. The 3 pictures being pointed at are one institution, and the I ultimately observed a second use for mine. Add a protracted string to the component, double up on hearing protection and use it to.

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Ruger doesn't have a written warranty of any kind. Ruger backs their products a hundred% regardless of how many owners a gun has on it.

"Warranty" might not be the proper phrase – I believe they don't offer a written The trouble is Ruger not the organisation servicing. In my case it took Ruger USA 6 How many can claim top notch service and a tremendous revel in from dealing with.

Ruger has been incredible for me. I misplaced a spring whilst cleaning my new PC Carbine and after I had I contacted Ruger as I had bought a Ruger Kodiak and desired a slightly longer barrel. The 2 3/four" The rear sight wiggled unfastened so I figured I'd try out the sort of pink dots. I like how low the mount is.

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As far as Ruger's warranty work goes, a few years back I bought a used (abused) Ruger Security Six that some kitchen table gunsmith had tried to do a As stated, although there is no express written warranty of any kind Ruger customer service is legendary. They will probably take care of you, but.

If so how long did it take thanks. I just got a phone call from a very nice lady at Ruger. She said my firearm was done, it was on its way to shipping and would go out by the end of the week.

What offers on Ruger guarantee coverage with rifles? Do they have got one or now not? With the problems Remington has had and the way they addressed some of them.

Bypass! Other oldsters will chime in for positive, but the fact is that Ruger will accurate any production flaw or illness on any firearm for so long as.

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Ruger is like Dillon. No BS guarantee. Saves loads of strain. Ruger has some thing higher than a guarantee. If your gun breaks, and if you did not seemingly abuse the gun, they restoration it on their dime.

Jul three, 2018.

Here's Ruger's: The Magnuson-Moss Act (Public Law 93-637) does now not require any seller or manufacturer of a client product to provide a written.

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Oct 17, 2008.

Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. has elected not to provide any written warranty, either “limited” or “full”, rather than to attempt to comply with.

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Aug eight, 2011.

Ruger does no longer have a written assurance for their firearms. They do however have a number of the first-rate customer service within the indusrty and normally.

Ruger's official website is, and the only online store we operate is We also operate our new Marlin website at and Any other website that claims to be affiliated with Ruger / Marlin Firearms should be considered suspicious.

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Feb 3, 2018.

Other folks will chime in for sure, but the reality is that Ruger will correct any manufacturing flaw or defect on any firearm for as long as.