Best Springfield Xdm 3.8 9mm Holster : Springfield Armory XDM 3.8" Full IWB Kydex Gun Holster .

Springfield XD Holster IWB Kydex Holster Custom Fit: Springfield XD-S 3.3" 9mm / .40 S&W / .45 ACP Single Stack Pistol – Inside Waistband Concealed Carry – Adj. Cant Retention – Cover Mag-Button – No Wear – No Jitter.

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When we make holsters for the Springfield XDM 3.8" Compact, we take comfort seriously. Retention, reliability, affordability and customization are also requirements we factor into the design of our OWB and IWB holsters. The Cloak Tuck 3.0 IWB hybrid holster proves this. Its backer is made of four materials:

3 Top choices for the Springfield XD. 3.1 1. Blackhawk! SERPA Concealment Holster; 3.2 2. The Ultimate Suede Leather IWB Holster; 3.3 3. BLACKHAWK! Serpa CQC Gun Metal Grey Sportster Holster; 3.4 4. Concealment Express IWB KYDEX Holster; 4 Our Top Pick

Best Springfield XDM holster Tulster Springfield Armory XDM IWB Holster. This is a minimalistic, inside-the-waistband holster that's thin and lightweight, making it a great choice for conceal carry. Check Price. The IWB design provides for maximum concealability, and it has a lot of great features like adjustable cant and retention.

Springfield Armory XD-M 3.8 Elite Holsters. CrossBreed Holsters designs and manufactures the most reliable Springfield Armory XD-M 3.8 Elite holsters on the market. Handcrafted with the finest materials available, you won't find a better Springfield Armory XD-M 3.8 Elite holster. All of our holsters are proudly made in the U.S.A.

Diamond D Guide's Choice Leather Chest Holster for XD / XD-M / XD-M Elite 5" – 5.25". Price: $185.00.

Another treat of a great XD-M Elite – 3.8" gunholster are smooth edges on the outside. This way the holster stays protected from abrasions, scratches or any other intrusive surfaces that it may stumble upon. A perfect finish of a holster is another feature. A Springfield XD-M Elite – 3.8" holster keeps dust, moisture and water away.

The Springfield Armory XDm 3.8" 9mm has a length of 171 mm or 6.75 inches. WIDTH. The Springfield Armory XDm 3.8" 9mm has a width of 30 mm or 1.2 inches. CALIBER. This Springfield Armory XDm 3.8" model has a caliber of 9mm. Like everything we sell, our holsters are covered by a Lifetime Warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The first XDM was produced in .40 S&W with 16 rounds in the magazine. This was soon followed by the 9mm as well as .45 ACP. XDMs are also produced in compact pistols in .40 S&W, .45ACP and 9mm in 3.8" barrels. Recently XDM has produced a competition series in 9mm, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP with a 5.25" barrel, remotely resembling the 5" tactical XD.

This compatible with Springfield XDm 3.8" Compact 9MM/.40SW/.45 Kydex holster is a durable, form-fitting piece, offering effective concealment and quick access. Makes it easier to draw and re-holster the gun while keeping your eye on the possible threat or target instead of precious seconds spent searching for the holster.

Springfield XDM Elite 3.8 OWB Holster / Springfield XDM Elite 3.8 IWB holster. Weighing in at 29 ounces, this pistol rides all day on the hip in comfort. In the perfect IWB XDM kydex holster, the XDM has the dimensions for the perfect full size concealed carry pistol. Overall it is 6.75 inches long, 5.75 inches in height and 1.18 inches wide.

Sig Sauer P320 Texas Ranger Price The Sig Sauer P320 Texas Ranger Edition is a full size 9mm handgun that comes with a few special additions. This P320 features a custom engraved slide with the quote "one riot, one ranger" on the side and a Texas Ranger badge on the top. In addition, it includes a custom serial number and a

4. Inside The Waistband Belt Wing Tuckable Holster fits Springfield XD-M Elite 3.8in (Black,

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RANKING No. 3. FoxX Holsters Springfield XDM 4.5 9/40/45 in The Waistband Hybrid Holster Tuckable, Concealed Carry Gun Holster. 9 oz. Premium Leather & .06" Kydex (Black) Black Spring Steel Belt Clips ( 1-3/4" X 1/4" Belt) Adjustable for Ride Height & Forward Cant. Easy to Conceal, Comfortable & Tuckable.